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Comparing Top Brands: The Best Magnetic Building Blocks in 2023

Magnetic building blocks have become an essential toy for encouraging creativity, imagination, and early STEM skills in children.

With so many brands on the market, how do you know which set of magnetic blocks is right for your little builder? I compared the most popular magnetic block sets to reveal the key factors that make PlayMastery blocks the best choice for quality, value, and developmental benefits.

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Why Choose Magnetic Building Blocks?

Before diving into the top brands, let’s look at why magnetic blocks make such a great toy for kids aged 3-6 years old.

Develop Spatial Reasoning and Fine Motor Skills

Stacking, connecting, and manipulating magnetic blocks helps kids improve their spatial reasoning abilities. They envision 3D structures and bring them to life by precisely placing the blocks.

This supports STEM skill development. The act of connecting the blocks also builds fine motor control.

As children handle the blocks, picking them up, turning them, and fitting them together, they build dexterity, coordination, and strength in their small hand muscles.

Mastering these fine motor skills allows them to gain greater control and precision in small movements, preparing them for later tasks like writing with a pencil.

Spark Creativity and Imagination

Magnetic blocks enable open-ended play, letting kids construct anything they can imagine. From cars and castles to their own abstract creations, the possibilities are endless. This encourages creativity as children problem-solve to build sturdy structures.

Unlike toys with fixed uses, magnetic blocks empower kids to dream up whatever their imagination sparks. Giving children this open-ended play material fosters flexible thinking.

Teach Early Math Concepts

As kids play with different block shapes and sizes, they intuitively learn early geometry and math concepts. Counting pieces, stacking blocks vertically and horizontally, and building symmetrical or patterned structures make learning math fun.

Children explore foundational mathematical ideas including shape recognition, symmetry, patterns, estimation, counting, addition and subtraction, measurement, and fractions. This hands-on play builds a concrete understanding of abstract math concepts.

Promote Collaborative Play

Magnetic blocks are great for playing alongside siblings and friends. Working together to build shared creations teaches teamwork, communication, and compromise. Peer play builds social-emotional skills.

Playing collaboratively helps children learn to share materials, take turns, listen to others’ ideas, communicate their own ideas, and negotiate conflicts. This cooperation stretches their interpersonal and social competence.

Encourage Problem-Solving

To bring their ideas for towers, bridges, and buildings to life, kids need to problem-solve structural engineering questions.

How high can we stack blocks before they topple? What shapes make the strongest corners? How do we make levels or connections? This promotes critical thinking.

As children brainstorm, test different solutions, and learn from failures, they build perseverance and cognitive flexibility. Magnetic block play nurtures a mindset of innovation.

Provide Cross-Curricular Learning

Beyond STEM skills, magnetic blocks offer learning opportunities across academic subjects. Kids can build scenes from their favorite stories, make scale models of landmarks, design block cities, map out block-built mazes, and more. This cross-curricular potential adds educational value.

With these developmental benefits in mind, let’s see how the top magnetic block brands compare.

Leading Magnetic Block Brand Comparison

I looked at five top-rated magnetic block sets for key factors like quality, design, education value, storage, and price. Here’s an overview of how the brands stacked up:

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PlayMastery clearly rose to the top as the highest quality magnetic blocks with the best value and storage convenience. Let’s look at each brand in more detail.

PlayMastery Magnetic Building Blocks

PlayMastery stands out from other magnetic block brands with its focus on safety, education, convenience, and value.


  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ rating on Website
  • 100% non-toxic, kid-safe plastic
  • Powerful magnets for stability
  • 15+ unique shape variety
  • Spacious storage bins keep pieces organized
  • Affordably priced for 100+ pieces
  • Designed for unlimited STEM learning

With durable engineering, versatile designs, and innovation in every set, PlayMastery is the clear winner.

Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles are one of the most popular magnetic building block brands on Amazon. They offer kits from 30 up to 100+ pieces at reasonable prices.


  • Fun, bright colors
  • Lots of shape variety
  • Budget-friendly options


  • Reports of weaker magnets
  • Smaller pieces may pose a choking risk
  • No storage containers included

With inconsistent magnet strength and a lack of storage solution, Picasso Tiles fall short of being a top choice. The weaker magnets mean children’s creations may topple or not hold together as sturdily. And without storage boxes, keeping the small pieces tidy between play sessions creates hassle and headache.


Magna-Tiles pioneered the magnetic building block toy category. They offer expensive sets ranging from 32 to 100+ pieces.


  • High-quality, durable pieces
  • Strong magnets for secure builds
  • Some sets include activity guides


  • Very expensive
  • Limited shape/color options
  • No included storage

While Magna-Tiles have great quality, the high prices and lack of storage make them less convenient. With hefty price tags exceeding $50 even for a 32-piece starter kit, Magna-Tiles’ costs can limit the number of blocks families can purchase. This restricts children’s creativity. And without storage bins, parents are left scrambling to contain the pieces.


Playmags makes 100-piece sets promising “the strongest magnetic force.” Their plastic-and-steel blocks come in a wide range of colors.


  • Strong magnets
  • Bright, fun colors
  • 100-piece sets


  • Only square/rectangle shapes
  • Reports of breaks and defects
  • No storage solution

With limited shape variety and questionable durability, Playmags don’t offer enough educational value. Restricting blocks to only squares and rectangles reduces the spatial reasoning, geometry, and engineering challenges involved in play. Breaks or defects raise safety concerns that are unacceptable for toys.


This newer brand offers 50-176 piece kits focused on travel-friendly magnetic blocks. Their sets include mesh storage bags.


  • Portable for on-the-go play
  • Mesh bags prevent lost pieces
  • Affordable size


  • Smaller pieces
  • Less shape variety
  • Weaker magnets

While handy for travel, snapmagik blocks lack the quality and versatility expected from premium magnetic blocks. The smaller-sized pieces pose safety risks for younger kids’ choking hazards. With fewer shape types, snapmagik limits the STEM learning potential. And weak magnets lead to frustration when creations fall apart too easily.

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Why PlayMastery Blocks Are the Best Choice

After comparing the brands, PlayMastery magnetic blocks emerged as the highest quality building blocks with surprising value. Here’s a closer look at what makes them the best magnetic blocks for your young builder.

Innovative Engineering

PlayMastery’s dynamic designs merge STEM principles with play. Their blocks securely connect through expertly calibrated neodymium magnets embedded in each piece. This ensures consistent stability as kids build vertically.

Smooth, rounded edges and kid-safe plastic offer reliable durability. PlayMastery uses ultrasonic welding to seamlessly bind pieces, preventing damage. Reviewers rave about the blocks exceeding even rigorous kid testing.

Thoughtful engineering empowers creativity. PlayMastery’s innovative production maximizes magnet strength, safety, and stability so children can focus on building.

Educational Play Fusion

Beyond rock-solid engineering, PlayMastery fuses STEM learning into the play experience.

With shapes ranging from arcs, triangles and trapezoids to pentagons, hexagons and more, kids explore geometry, spatial reasoning, and physics concepts as they play. Building challenges and activity cards add structure and learning goals.

By incorporating diverse shape types, PlayMastery blocks engage minds in a fuller way. Children bring their structures to life by combining shapes purposefully, not just stacking blocks randomly. This boosts computational thinking, planning, and design skills.

Vibrant, Dreamy Creations

Colors matter when sparking kids’ imaginations. PlayMastery blocks come in a rainbow of vibrant primary hues, with dazzling color variety in each set.

Kids mix and match to build rainbow-bright castles, vehicles or whatever their endless creativity dreams up. The rich colors make structures pop. Different colors also help children distinguish block shapes and patterns.

Vibrant colors infuse creativity into STEM learning. When play feels whimsical and wondrous, children engage more deeply.

Quality Safety Assurance

When it comes to materials, safety is everything. PlayMastery only uses 100% non-toxic ABS plastic, certified safe for children.

Smooth polished edges prevent scratches. Ultrasonic welding bonds pieces without glue or chemicals. And the plastic stands up to rough play, biting, and repeated connecting and disconnecting – no cracks or breaks.

Peace of mind comes from PlayMastery’s commitment to child safety. Kids can enjoy endless frustration-free play. PlayMastery enables creative freedom without worries, the ideal condition for young imaginations.

Convenient Value Focus

Between the quality components, innovative engineering and educational design, you’d expect PlayMastery blocks to cost a premium. Surprisingly, their 100+ piece sets deliver incredible value compared to the competition.

Their inexpensive prices make PlayMastery a budget-savvy magnetic block pick. And the spacious enclosed plastic storage bin provides an organization that similar sets lack. PlayMastery blocks deliver build time, not clean-up time.

Hassle-free cleanup encourages more frequent play. The storage box design shows that PlayMastery prioritizes parents’ needs too.

For magnetic blocks that combine innovative play with convenience and value, PlayMastery is the winner.

PlayMastery Magnetic Building Blocks – The Ultimate Construction Toy

With imagination-firing colors, brain-building shapes, and quality crafted for safety, PlayMastery blocks inspire young minds through creative play.

Key Benefits

  • Creative Exploration – With 15+ shape varieties and vibrant color combos, build everything imaginable from vehicles to castles.
  • Develops Spatial Skills – Manipulating shapes boosts spatial reasoning, preparing young minds for STEM success.
  • Builds Early Math – Sorting by color and shape, stacking vertically, and constructing patterns develops geometry concepts.
  • Collaborative Play – Building together teaches teamwork, sharing, and social skills for family and classroom fun.
  • Critical Thinking – Imagining and problem-solving structures fires cognitive flexibility and innovation.
  • Cross-Curricular Potential – Tie into literacy, social studies, science, and art lessons for multidimensional learning.
  • Quality Assurance – From kid-safe plastics to powerful magnets, every component ensures safety and stability.
  • Convenient Value – Surprisingly affordable pricing and handy storage boxes provide hassle-free cleaning.
  • Designed for Learning – PlayMastery fuses dynamic engineering with open-ended play for academic benefits.

Why Kids and Parents Love It

With over 1,000 5-star reviews on Website, PlayMastery magnetic blocks are beloved by kids and parents alike. The educational benefits, convenience, and endless play potential make PlayMastery a top-rated building toy.

  • “Absolutely thrilled with the PlayMastery Magnetic Building Blocks! My kids have been engrossed for hours, creating all sorts of imaginative structures. A must-have for every playroom!” – Alaric Whitfield
  • “The quality of these blocks is top-notch. I love that they’re safe for my little ones, and the magnetic strength is just perfect. They stick together firmly without being too hard to pull apart.” – Seraphina Thorne
  • “I was on the hunt for an educational toy that would also be fun, and PlayMastery delivered! The multidimensional building possibilities have genuinely sparked my child’s interest in STEM.” – Leocadia Brinley

Gift a Lifetime of Learning

Parents and grandparents rave about the creativity and skills PlayMastery blocks unlock in children. The block sets provide endless fun while sneaking into STEM learning to give kids an academic advantage.

If you’re looking for STEM toys that provide true developmental benefits wrapped in pure play, choose PlayMastery magnetic building blocks. With their innovative engineering, convenience, and value focus, PlayMastery blocks are the ultimate construction toy for future builders.

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An Essential Toy for Home and Classroom

Both parents and teachers love having PlayMastery magnetic blocks on hand to spark imaginative play and learning. The blocks engage kids’ minds across academic subjects and developmental domains.

PlayMastery blocks are versatile enough for individual hands-on play, collaborative building, purposeful STEM projects, and open creative exploration. This flexibility makes PlayMastery blocks an essential toy for classrooms, daycares, waiting rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms.

Wherever children’s minds need sparking, PlayMastery blocks unleash learning through fun. The bright colors, tactile material, and magnetic connections captivate kids’ curiosity.

Made for Growing Young Minds

As children develop new abilities and interests, PlayMastery blocks grow with them. Toddlers enjoy exploring the colors and textures. Preschoolers create rainbow castles and silly block stacks. School-aged kids construct elaborate structures, test physics concepts, and develop spatial reasoning.

PlayMastery blocks provide an ever-changing challenge. No matter the age or stage, children stay engaged in imaginative play that sneakily strengthens their minds.

Screen-Free Fun

In our digital world, finding toys that distract kids from screens is key. Parents love PlayMastery blocks because they hold children’s attention without flashy batteries, lights or sound effects. The magnetic connection, colors, and shapes are stimulating enough.

Children can play independently or socially for hours, enjoying active, hands-on fun away from TV, tablets, and phones. PlayMastery blocks remind us screens aren’t the only way to engage young minds.

A Gift That Lasts

PlayMastery blocks promise years of enjoyment. As kids outgrow other toys, magnetic blocks retain their wonder. The open-ended play potential means they won’t gather dust.

Handing down blocks to younger siblings or saving them for your own grandchildren extends the value. Magnetic blocks become keepsake toys.

For a gift sure to provide screen-free fun and learning for years beyond a single birthday or holiday, choose PlayMastery. They’re an investment in children’s development.

Give the Gift of Learning

Looking for the perfect gift for a toddler, preschooler or kindergartener? Want to encourage STEM skills and strengthen spatial reasoning? Need a screen-free toy to boost creativity?

Surprise and delight the special child in your life with PlayMastery magnetic building blocks. More than just a toy, PlayMastery blocks unlock imaginative learning with every play session. Let your child’s inner builder come to life!



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